Street Style Look | 06.05.18

I remember this day like it was yesterday!! I was sleeping on an air mattress at home because my brother and his wife bought a house in Texas and of course, took their furniture with them :( I was sick and my stomach was on 1,000. Not sure if it was food poisoning or a virus going through the school. I called my director earlier that morning and told him I would not be coming into work, but I couldn't do it! I love my job too much! I guess it's true what they say, "When you look good, you feel good!" I honestly had no intention on looking this FLY. God just came through for ya girl. 

Details --------- Blouse: Thrift store $3 | Skirt: H&M $40 (I'll never pay $40 for skirt again) | Cap: LIDS $25