behind the lens, Antoine Smart.


Antoine Smart, also known MRR. 360 started a series called Beard Chronicles where he travels along the East Coast asking men about their beards. This idea was so unique and something so bold, I had to ask more! Having the ability to witness men of color coming together to share their story is so inspiring not only to me, but to other men who are seeking to grow their beard. Well, Mrr. 360 was completely on board when asked to go BEHIND THE LENS. Read more to catch up!

Crystal: When did you begin your photography career?

Antoine: “2015 is when I began to focus on photography seriously. As of June 2017 I have been a full time photographer.”

C: What is your greatest accomplishment thus far?

A: “I was blessed with the opportunity to have my work in a magazine. It was surreal seeing my work in print. Also, how proud my family was of me made it an even bigger accomplishment.”

 C: Who/What inspires you?

A: “So hard to narrow it down. I am really inspired by the work of Gordon Parks all of his work tells a story. I also get inspired by @stevesweatpants @black_soap @skinnywashere @iamchristopherpowell @johmarccam & @melontao.”

 C: Which failure turned into a blessing in disguise?

 A: “June of last year I lost my job. This pushed me into being a full time photographer. I have grown in my faith and have been blessed with some great opportunities. I feel like if I didn’t lose my job I would still be there, miserable.” 

C: What is your favorite lens/camera to shoot with?

A: “My old faithful Canon T3 Rebel with a 50mm lens. I know I will upgrade one day but still plan to keep the T3”


C: How do you educate yourself on taking better pictures?

 A: “Looking at my old work and seeing how I can improve. Also, youtube tutorials have been an awesome guide”

C: Among your works, which is your favorite?

 A: “Hard to choose but seeing my beard chronicles grow from just an idea to seeing it in print is definitely a highlight”



C: What is one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

 A: “It’s okay to not know everything about photography. There is always something to learn.”

C: Among the gadgets you own, is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought? Why?

 A: “So far no”

C: What do you have to say to those who are chasing a photography career?

 A: “Stay true to your photography, you don’t have to shoot what is “popular”. Don’t let the amount of likes discourage you. Be patient things don’t happen over night. Also, it’s okay to ask questions if one person doesn’t answer you just ask somebody else.”

Following MRR. 360 has been an amazing experience from seeing his eye catching skylines of New York to watching his Beard Chronicles grow is truly inspiring! Follow his Instagram and view his website! I'm sure you'll get some inspo.