behind the lens, CrysB.

Pictures are great, but the story behind the photos are so much better! Let me tell you about the time I had an impromptu photoshoot with a professional photographer.



It was Friday and it was pay day. The sun was out and the waves of positive energy were vibrating on higher frequency than usual. On September 29th, my sister, ShaMyra, and I planned use Union Market- a gourmet food hall in Northeast Washington, D.C. as our space for a photoshoot. 


Before starting our photoshoot, we eat. [If you plan to spend a day with me, we are going to eat first, ALWAYS!] ShaMyra and I are at Union Market, in line, waiting for our empanadas. This guy walks through the crowd in a crisp white oxford, black slim fit jeans paired with a Supreme dad hat. The guy's outfit was clean and very stylish. In my head I say "Nice outfit!" but in real life, I didn't say a thing- haha. ShaMyra being the social butterfly she is, says to him "Hey! I follow you on IG!" His response was, "Oh really? I have to follow you back!" From their conversation and from taking a peek at his Instagram, I came to learn that this stylish guy is a professional photographer working with clients such as GQ, Nike and Lyft. Not to mention, we have a mutual friend. Coincidence? NAW. 

IMG_2202 2.JPG

As the conversation comes to an end, ShaMyra begins to explain that we are in the area to shoot for her blog and asked if he'd like to join us. He agrees! He goes on to tell us that he is on his lunch break and he works right across the street. Before the end of the hour, ShaMyra and I are at his office's outdoor lounge area having a full and lively photoshoot. I tell you, when creatives get together, anything is possible! For the first time ever, I was a model and a photographer within the same space. I wasn't expecting to be the subject nor was I expecting to make a connection with a professional photographer. He was gracious enough to share wisdom with me about which ISO and Aperture to use when in particular settings and shed light on what it REALLY takes to be a professional photographer. This day birthed a new creation.

This is the introduction to something new, something fresh and something revolutionary. 

Welcome to BEHIND THE LENS, with Crystal Brooks.



Photography of me: Gary Williams